Marian Meditations: A service for the birth of the Virgin Mary
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Choir of New College Oxford


May 2020

  • 31/05/20

    Come, Holy Ghost

    You can listen to the playlist here.  This week we wrap up the great forty days of Easter, which by coincidence have taken place entirely within the lockdown period.  In doing so, we begin and end with the Ascension, and two great motets of the English long sixteenth century.  Chri...
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  • 15/05/20

    The English Tradition Pt.2

    You can find the playlist here. The second part of our express tour of the choral tradition of these islands is by no means specifically English: it encompasses music by an Irishman and a Scot, and, more significantly, demonstrates the influence of European music throughout this country’s...
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  • 13/05/20

    Chorister Open Day – Saturday 13 June 2020

    Welcome to our virtual Chorister Open Day We are very sad not to be able to welcome families to New College Chapel for our annual chorister open day.  It is always a wonderful afternoon where our young visitors find out about every aspect of  chorister life – through singing, dres...
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  • 08/05/20

    The English Tradition

    You can listen to this week's playlist here. This week’s playlist is the first in a two-part survey of what is often referred to as the ‘English Choral Tradition’. We’ll proceed in chronological order, but both playlists will be topped and tailed by related w...
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